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Yoga Om - Cast in stone for home or garden     

The syllable "Om", symbolizes awakened form. It usually begins Tibetan mantras--as in "Om Mani Padme Hum". Perhaps the world's most famous sacred syllable from Asia there are many interpretations of its meaning according to different religions and different schools of thought within each religion - all agree that it has a positive affect in some way. Here it is depicted in Sanskrit script.

This mantra sculpture will have a positive affect on you and your environment through its beauty and inherent blessing power.
6" diameter, 1 inch thick, cast in stone and treated to withstand the elements.

Size: 6" dia. 1" thick       
Weight: 2 lbs. [1 kg]
Comments: Wire hanger on the back: suitable for wall or fence hanging. Treated to be safe for outdoor display.
Retail Price: us$25 cast stone