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Manjushri Mantra       

Manjushri Mantra is the mantra of wisdom, both intellectual wisdom and the wisdom beyond all words and thought - spacious, clear, open mind imbued with bliss and contentment.

Manjushri mantra is pronounced "om ah ra pa tsa na di". See the diagram at the bottom of the page to find out which syllable is which.

The sculpture has a wire hanger on the back embedded into the casting and is suitable for hanging indoors or out.

manjushri mantra

manjushri mantra

Size: 13" diameter x 1" thickmanjushri mantra
Weight: 8 lbs.

Comments: Hang indoors or outdoors. Freezing and thawing shortens the life of cast stone, so if the piece is displayed outside it is best if it is brought in during the winter [assuming you live in a temperate climate].
Retail Price: us$80 


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