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Hum - Cast stone also available in bronze or aluminum       

The syllable "Hum", symbolizes awakened heart and mind. It is also a symbol of stability and unification and so often ends Tibetan mantras--as in "Om Mani Padme Hum"--to keep firm the blessing of the mantras repetition. Here it is depicted in Tibetan script. Find out more about the mantra om ah hum.

This mantra sculpture will have a positive affect on you and your environment through its beauty and inherent blessing power.
Price: us$20 cast stone
us$60 aluminum 
us$130 bronze 

Size: 8" high x 4" wide x 7/8" thick       
Weight: 1.5 lbs cast stone
Also available in aluminum
Comments: Has a wire hanger on the back and is ready to hang indoors or out.
Retail Price:us$20 cast stone
                   us$130 bronze 
                   us$60 aluminum