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As part of my website I have castings of buddha statues. It is important to know that I am not the original artist — at least of the buddha figures I offer — but with permission made molds from sculptures I bought. There are a huge variety of religious statues for sale in many Asian countries as they are very much in demand by both tourists and residents. Unlike other religions in Buddhism it is ok to have statues as a reminder of enlightened mind and as a support for devotion. It is not idolatry if idolatry is defined as "worshipping an idol". It is more worshipping the principle of enlightened mind (our own and others) as embodied by the statue. There's a big difference.

The first buddha statue I offer is a cast stone version of one I found in Bodhgaya, India. It is small and self-supporting meaning it can stand by itself. It is also has a wire hanger cast deep into the back in case you wish to hang it on a wall or fence. I no longer sell them directly via this website but you can see what I have on offer at etsy. Shipping is a lot cheaper than what it would be if you had such an item sent from India or any other Asian country.
buddha statues for sale

Next is a plaque-style casting commonly found in Thailand. These ones are usually carved one by one from wood (teak usually) and have a hanger affixed to the back. They usually aren't cast in stone as the ones on my website are. Like the previous sitting buddha they have a wire for hanging cast right into the back. I've never known of a hanger pulling out or breaking from any of the pieces I've made!
thai buddha plaque

The last is a Cambodian-style Bodhisattva. At least that's what I call it. Maybe in Cambodia, being a Theravada Buddhist country, they don't really have the idea of Bodhisattva, one who commits to helping all beings attain enlightenment. The crown and ornamented style of the original and casting are very similar to the way Bodhisattvas are traditionally depicted though, so I took the liberty…
cambodian bodhisattva

Each of the above comes with a descriptive card. It is important to know that it is considered disrespectful to walk over any buddha image. Sometimes buddha statues for sale are line up on the ground in Asian countries but this is not so good as they can easily be stepped over and get dust on them, etc. So please place them in a nice spot perhaps using the hanger provided to display them on a fence or wall.

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